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Absorption Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled chillers Ventilation solutions Air handling units Clean Room HVAC System VRF AC systems Rooftop Package Ducted Central AC equipment’s Cooling towers and evaporative condensers Terminal Equipment — FCU’s Ceiling Cassette, Floor Standing and Wall-mounted type, VAV SS/GI ducting, MS / SS Piping, Insulation Cladding, Jacketing Evaporative Cooling systems Refrigeration EquipmentContinue reading “HVAC CONTRACTOR IN PAKISTAN”


Pheasants international is technically very competent to design any kind of project where conditions are different from nominal human comfort air conditioning. Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation (HVAC) systems function on key pillars: conditioning the air inside the building’s occupied space, ventilating the air by reducing and eliminating particles existing inside the system. A fullyContinue reading “HVAC COMPNAY IN PAKISTAN”

Are You Looking For Plumbing System Contractor in Pakistan?

There is only one Company in Pakistan for this Plumbing Job: There are the Following responsibilities in this Job: Design & Build of Sanitary Works Design & Build Storm Water System Design & Build of Hot water Circulation system Design & Build of grease Interceptor for Restaurant Design & Build of all Kind of WaterContinue reading “Are You Looking For Plumbing System Contractor in Pakistan?”

Are You Looking for Top HVAC Company For Food and Beverages:

Here is Top HVAC Company For Food and Beverages: There are Following Services of HVAC Company for Food and Beverages: Refrigeration Services through our in-house engineering team delivers cooling solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each production facility. This includes the supply and installation of equipment for: Cooling of the production area,Continue reading “Are You Looking for Top HVAC Company For Food and Beverages:”

Are you looking for Top Testing and Air Balancing Company?

Pheasants International is a highly reputed Testing and Air Balancing service Provider company, specialized in implementing Testing and Balancing services of HVAC Systems, Clean Room Validation, and Commissioning of Electromechanical Systems. Pheasants International is dedicated to fully satisfying its customers. Prompt response, computerized scheduling, rigorous testing, and precise, compliant documentation characterize our service philosophy. PheasantContinue reading “Are you looking for Top Testing and Air Balancing Company?”

Are You Looking For Fire Fighting Company In Pakistan?

There is only one Fire Fighting Company, which we can recommend you: Pheasants International is the top firefighting company in Pakistan providing comprehensive fire protection systems for commercial and industrial structures. They plan, develop and implement custom-made fire protection systems in Pakistan. They make sure they meet the needs of every customer accordingly, so theirContinue reading “Are You Looking For Fire Fighting Company In Pakistan?”

What HVAC Company Can Do For You In Pakistan For Your Commercial Buildings?

Whether the people who spend time in your shopping area are buyers, diners, employees or students, their comfort is your business. They have to provide intelligent, effective and reliable commercial HVAC systems and products that allow visitors to enjoy every minute in your space. The have to Provide affordable and fuel-efficient commercial heating and airContinue reading “What HVAC Company Can Do For You In Pakistan For Your Commercial Buildings?”